Dad & son home educating

NSWLearning was established specifically to provide support to home educators. We are excited about home-based learning! Our senior staff have over 20 years experience of home educating their own children. In addition, some of our tutors were taught at home themselves whilst others are home educating parents. We have a passion for home education and are committed to helping parents and children succeed in home-based learning.

More and more parents are home educating children beyond the age of 11. Elective home education has seen enormous growth in recent years as growing numbers of parents in the UK come to realise that education otherwise than at school is legal and beneficial to their children. Home-based learning brings with it a host of benefits for children and parents, including flexibility and the opportunity to approach education in a way that suits each child.

Even the most confident parents will feel apprehension as GCSE and IGCSE examinations approach. Our intention is to come alongside and support home educating parents. We will provide expertise in your chosen subjects, enabling parents and children to enjoy learning.

The most important feature of NSWLearning is our tutorial support. Students can virtually have daily contact with their tutors. They can ask questions when they are in difficulties or need advice; we aim to reply to emails within 72 hours (during NSW term time and excluding weekends).

NSWLearning can provide you with detailed information about the student’s progress. Parents have their own area within our learning platform where they can discuss matters with other NSWLearning parents. As an NSW parent you will be able to email all staff at any time. In addition, annual reports are sent out towards the end of each year.