Our Directors

NSWLearning was founded by Steve and Lyn Richards in 1999. Steve and Lyn home educated all four of their own children and have spent almost thirty years speaking widely about home education.

In 2022 NSWLearning merged with Immanuel Online School.

We are passionate about home education; we are not anti-school, we simply do not think that modern schools are always the best places for children to grow up. Children need more freedom and more time in order to develop the incredible gifts that we believe all children have – time and freedom that schools all too easily take away from them. We also believe that parents are important people in shaping the lives of children and young people and in order to do this they also need to have the freedom to make decisions.

We see our role as one of enabling, empowering and facilitating families. Parents and young people should be the ones making decisions.

Here at NSWLearning, we do not see home-based learning as a second-best – it is as simple as that!