Student working at her desk

NSWLearning is a community of learners and tutors using the Internet to learn and study together. Studying with us is easy, social and fun!

Using our web-based learning portal and conventional email, our tutors develop relationships with our students wherever in the world they are located.

Our tutors act as facilitators, rather than teachers, providing tutorial support, encouraging group discussion and assessing students’ assignments.

Student progress is monitored throughout the year and near the end of Term Three, tutors write a report on each student’s overall progress during the year.

Lessons and assignments are posted in courses on our learning portal, where students can download them and work at times to suit themselves. Students complete work using textbooks, Britannica Online Student Edition and other educational resources. Work is returned to tutors electronically for marking and comment.

At the heart of NSWLearning is an asynchronous learning model that effectively returns control for learning to the student and their family. This means that tutor-student interaction does not take place in real time – no video calls or other timetabled activities to get in the way of family or school activities.