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NSWLearning has enormous experience going back almost 20 years in delivering high-quality CAiE IGCSE courses in a wide range of subjects.

We provide our families with the widest possible flexibility:

For families working outside the UK, it means being able to obtain high quality GCSE-level qualifications without the need to return to the UK to sit exams;
Students can sit CAiE IGCSE exams at local centres around the world;
IGCSEs do not require coursework;
IGCSEs provide internationally recognised, 16+ level, qualifications;
A growing number of UK examination centres now accept CAiE IGCSE candidates.

NSWLearning is an official CAiE exam centre. This means that students can now sit exams at our North Derbyshire base in May-June and October-November each year. To find out more about our exam facilities please visit our dedicated Exams website by clicking here.

It is important that parents find an examination centre that agrees to allow their son/daughter to sit examinations BEFORE enrolling for courses with NSWLearning.

We currently offer the following IGCSEs: 

Biology – IGCSE (CAiE)
Business Studies – IGCSE (CAiE)
Chemistry – IGCSE (CAiE)
Coordinated Science (Double) – IGCSE (CAiE)
Development Studies – IGCSE (CAiE) (Note that exams can only be taken in November exam sitting)
English Language – IGCSE (CAiE)
English Literature – IGCSE (CAiE)
Environmental Management – IGCSE (CAiE)
French – IGCSE (CAiE)
Geography – IGCSE (CAiE)
History (Modern World) – IGCSE (CAiE)
Mathematics – IGCSE (CAiE)
Physics – IGCSE (CAiE)
Religious Studies (Bible Knowledge) – O level (CAiE)
Sociology – IGCSE (CAiE)

O levels are regarded as being the equivalent of GCSE/IGCSEs.