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The latter years of primary and early years of secondary education are often a rich time of learning and exploration as students have mastered basic literacy and numeracy skills and are moving on to explore more demanding and challenging activities. We offer a wide range of courses for students aged 11-14 years old that explore everything from hydrogen to why Harold lost the Battle of Hastings. You can find out more about each of our courses by downloading the Scope and Sequence Document for each particular course.

NSWLearning offers a range of pre-IGCSE subjects for students aged 11-14:

Christian Worldview

If you are uncertain about what year to enrol a student in please feel free to contact us to discuss this; we are able to provide assessments in English and Maths. If you wish to have the assessments marked by our tutors then we make a small charge of £10 per subject per student. Tutors will provide feedback to parents.