Apply Now

If you wish to appy to sit exams with NSW, click here.

Once you have decided to enrol with us and chosen your courses, follow these four simple steps:

1. Complete an application form
If you are a parent and you plan to pay for courses yourself, then you simply need to follow the link below and complete our secure online application form. If somebody else is paying the fees, then complete and attached a Payment Declaration Form.

Family Application Form

If you are a school and wish to enrol students then please complete the following TWO forms. Schools need to complete ONE Organisation Application Form for your school and then ONE School Student Application Form for each student you wish to enrol.

Organisation Application Form

School Student Application Form

2. Provide us with proof of your child’s age and identity
If you are enrolling a student with NSWLearning for the first time, we require proof of your child’s age and identity. This is to conform with our Child Protection Policy. This can be a photocopy or scan of the student’s passport or birth certificate. This can be attached to the application form.

3. Obtain textbooks
Purchase any textbooks that are required. Some out of print textbooks need be purchased from the NSW office. Please refer to our Scope and Sequence Documents for a list of required books and any other resources that are required.

4. Pay the deposit
Once you have submitted your application form, we will contact you with regard to payment of your deposit. A deposit of 30% must be paid before we are able to process your application. Please look at our application forms for further details.

Payment Declaration Form
This form should be used whenever somebody other than a parent/carer is paying for the student’s fees. It must always be used alongside the school application form. Please note that the Word version is designed to be completed on your computer. It can be opened in any application that can work with doc files, although the drop down menu options may not work without MS Word.