The following fee structure applies to students studying with NSW during the 2018-2019 academic year.

This fee structure applies to families only. If you work in a Christian school and are interested in using NSWLearning to assist you in educating your students, please contact us to discuss your particular needs. Our fees do not include the provision of textbooks.

Pre-IGCSE courses – £225 per course.
(i.e. for a student undertaking History 1, Science 1 and French 1 the total fee would be £675).

IGCSE courses – £450 per course (Please note that this is the total cost of each IGCSE)

Since Coordinated Science is a Double IGCSE it is charged as TWO courses.

Students undertaking A level courses (two year course)
£325 per student per subject per year i.e. a full A level course costs £650.
Students are able to stop at the end of the first year and on successful completion of exams obtain an AS level qualification.

Additional fees
Any shipping and postage fees are charged at cost.

Please note that we are only able to receive payments in UK Pounds.

Payment of deposit
A deposit of 30% is required on application. This is refundable, based upon our terms and conditions.