Educating children and young people whilst living overseas can be challenging. Families living overseas face significant issues concerning their children’s education. At NSWLearning, we take the view that commitment to family should be the first priority of any parent working on the mission field and we are eager to provide support wherever we can.

Portability and flexibility are key to successful MK education. NSWLearning is an ideal learning environment for mobile families, and offers the following advantages:

Our learning platform provides students and their families with a central, easy to access learning environment, enabling tutors to place lessons in online courses ready for the student to download at their convenience. Once uploaded onto our learning platform, lessons remain available for the whole of the academic year, making it possible for the student to download lessons as many times as necessary, when accessing material from multiple computers.

Our web-based learning environment enables students to access lessons from any computer with internet access. No software needs to be installed and just about every modern web browser is supported. Students can even use internet cafes! Internet access and a memory stick or online storage is all that is required! This gives flexibility and mobility since families do not even need to take their home computer with them, when travelling, in order to access NSWLearning.

NSWLearning exists to form partnerships with missionary families and mission agencies to ensure that there is an alternative solution to conventional schooling or lone home education. Our solution allows parents to remain on the front-line whilst continuing to be be closely involved in their children’s education.