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General Information
We provide our families with the widest possible range of payment options. Once you have decided whether to pay in one lump sum or in instalments it is possible to make payments in a number of ways. You can pay by cheque, bank transfer, standing order or debit/credit card. It is even possible to pay your deposit using one method and pay the outstanding balance using a different method, simply inform us on your application form. We do NOT make any additional charge for receiving payments by debit or credit cards however in order to help keep our costs to a minimum, we always prefer to receive payments by bank transfer.

Payment Options
We offer families and schools a range of flexible payment options:
ONE lump sum
EIGHT monthly instalments
THREE instalments consisting of a 50% payment followed by TWO further payments of 25% each.
Whichever payment option is chosen, for all applications a deposit of 30% of the tuition fees is payable before the student is given access to the NSWLearning platform. This will be requested when the application is received.

Please note that if choosing to pay by EIGHT monthly instalments this MUST be paid by standing order.

Our bank details can be found on our current application form.