We would like to share with you some important news about NSWLearning and Immanuel Online School.

We are pleased to announce that NSWLearning and Immanuel Online School have agreed to merge.

NSWLearning was launched by Steve and Lyn Richards as the first fully online secondary learning community in the United Kingdom in September 1999.

Immanuel Online School is a new venture in Christian-ethos online education that began in 2021.

In combining NSWLearning and Immanuel Online School, we seek to continue the legacy of NSWLearning and maintain the future provision of NSW courses for students. By working together we believe we can strengthen and develop online secondary education with Christian values in the United Kingdom and internationally.

NSWLearning and Immanuel Online School will work together to administer NSW courses for current and new students from September 2022.

Steve and Lyn will continue in their roles as Educational Director and Administrative Director for the 2022-23 academic year, after which Immanuel Online School will be responsible for the administration of all NSW courses.

Please feel free to download our press release by clicking here.