Let’s be honest, nobody likes the big head at the party, blowing his own trumpet, continually turning every conversation round so that it is an opportunity to talk about what he has done.

However, there are times, like job interviews for example, where blowing your own trumpet has some merit.

With some trepidation therefore, we are writing this blog post to explain why we think people should opt for NSWLearning, instead of one of any number of other curriculum providers out there.

Experience (1) – when it comes to home education, we have more experience than anybody else. Our senior staff, Lyn and Steve Richards, began home educating their own children in 1985 – that’s over 30 years ago! They home educated all four of their own children up to the age of 16, guided them through A levels and BTECs and saw two through university and two through internships. Steve has spoken internationally about home-based learning whilst Lyn has edited the critically acclaimed book ‘Making the Right Impression’ which recounts the experience of 24 Christian home educators. This means that when you ring the NSWLearning office for help and support, you don’t get pat answers read from a computer screen; instead you have a conversation and receive help with answers from people who have vast experience of doing home-based learning themselves.

Experience (2) – NSWLearning started the online secondary education revolution. When we launched in 1999, we were the only fully online 11-16 education provider in the UK. Others might have been running correspondence colleges with paper-based files, but we were the ones who developed the online model of learning that has enabled us to work with hundreds of students in dozens of countries in every continent (except Antartica) We know online secondary education because we have been doing it longer than anybody else.

Complete – unlike other providers, we are also a Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAiE) exam centre. This means that we are regularly inspected by CAiE and understand their requirements. It also means that we have an inside track on changes and new developments and are invited to participate in consultations when CAiE are considering changes to their syllabuses. In addition, a number of our staff are current or past CAiE examiners. We also are able to provide exam facilities for our students at our North Derbyshire base and provide guidance on matters of resits and re-marking of exam papers, should they be required.

Curriculum – unlike other providers who offer curriculum created for adults, our curriculum was developed with young people in mind. This means that our lessons reflect how young people think and learn; it was produced to bring out the best in them. It also means that we have a large number of tutor marked assignments – because we take the view that young people need more support than adults when they prepare for exams.

Cost – we know, from personal experience, that money is usually tight when you home educate. This is why we introduced a new fee structure earlier this year, offering families the same discounts as we had previously offered to schools. We believe that our new fee structure offers great value for money – a complete IGCSE for £450 and pre-IGCSE courses costing £225. For students studying an IGCSE over two academic years (i.e. 60 weeks of study), this means that an IGCSE costs £7.50 per week.