One of the great advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility that it provides us with as parents to shape and schedule learning to fit in with the needs of our individual children. With the best will in the world, schools find this level of personalisation virtually impossible – not because teachers don’t care but because a teacher pupil ratio of 1:30 prohibits it.

One of the most powerful and practical ways we can make use of this flexibility is when we come to decide when our children should sit exams. Education otherwise than at school really does enable us to think outside the box and schedule IGCSEs to fit in with our children’s development.

Whilst most students at school take two years to study GCSEs, our home educated children can take one, two or even three years. With CAiE IGCSEs it is even possible to take exams in November as well as in June, so students can undertake multiple exam sessions during the year. Flexibility really is woven into the fabric of home-based learning!

This level of flexibility or freedom can seem quite daunting however. A host of questions flood our thoughts – which exam board should I chose? How long should my daughter take over her IGCSE maths or English language? When should we begin studying the course? And so on …

At NSWLearning we do not advocate that families sign up with us or anybody else for all of their IGCSE courses. Often parents are quite capable of managing IGCSEs themselves with support from others either nearby or online. Most families, however, will find that some subjects are just too challenging to do on their own, and in those situations, it does seem like a good idea to bring in some additional expertise. This is where NSWLearning comes in – we have been providing online learning since 1999 and before that, our senior staff were home educating their own children from the mid-1980s. That’s a lot of experience and expertise!