How To Apply

If you wish to study with NSWLearning, click here.

Registering with NSWLearning to sit exams, could not be easier.

1. Check that we are offering examinations in the subjects that you require. If a subject is not on our list please get in touch with us, stating clearly; exam board, subject, level and exam code that you are interested in. We will respond to you as quickly as possible and let you know if we can assist you.

2. Download and complete our NSWexam-entry-form2019-20. You will need MS Word to complete this form, although other word processors will be able to open and fill in much of the form.

3. Return the form to NSW using the following email address: lyn at Remember to remove the ‘at’ and spaces from the email address and insert @ into the address first!

That’s it! We will take care of everything else, including sending you an invoice, a statement of entry for you to check the candidate’s details and providing you with all the necessary information about when the exams take place.

Please note that we unable to accept applications from individuals who do not possess an email address.

Candidate identification
When candidates sit exams with us, we must be able to definitely establish a student’s identity in order to comply with exam board regulations. In order to do this we will need to see one of the following –
     Candidate’s passport
     Candidate’s citizencard
     Candidate’s driving license
If the candidate possesses some other form of nationally recognised photo id, please let us know when the exam entry form is submitted. We will confirm if this is suitable. Click here to find out more about citizencards.