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We want our families and schools to have a good understanding of how we work and what we offer before they enrol with us. For this reason, we have created trial versions of all of our Pre_IGCSE and IGCSE courses. Our trial courses provide users with access to the first 4 or 5 weeks work in each course. When used alongside our Scope and Sequence Documents this should enable users to gain a good idea of both course content and our approach to learning.

To access our trial courses, simply click on any of the course titles below. You will not be able to submit any assignments or make contact with tutors and some functionality within courses is limited or missing.

Please note that these courses contain materials whose copyright is held by NSWLearning and other organisations. No permission is given to use any of this material in any context other than to gain a better understanding of NSWLearning courses. Specifically, this material cannot be used in any school other than to trial for a limited time our material with a view to possibly purchasing materials from us in the future.

Pre-IGCSE Courses – NEW 2020-21 Courses

Christian Worldview 1
Christian Worldview 2

English 7
English 8
English 9

French 7
French 8

Geography 7
Geography 8
Geography 9

History 7
History 8
History 9

Mathematics 7
Mathematics 8
Mathematics 9

Science 1
Science 2

IGCSE Courses (CAiE) – New for examiantion in 2022!

Chemistry – Coming soon!
Computer Science
Coordinated Science

English Language
English Literature

Environmental Management






Religious Studies (O level)