It’s summer, which for many home educators means just one thing – what are we going to do education-wise in September? And specifically for families with children approaching the exam years, what are we going to do about GCSE/IGCSEs. If you have older children and you have been down this road before, then in all probability, you have the bases covered, you have a fairly good idea of your overall approach and the question largely becomes one of which subjects does ‘child no 2’ want to study.

For those coming at this for the first time, however, it can be a seriously scary time; for some, the fear of getting it wrong, can be stifling and moving forward with confidence can seen like an impossible dream.

And this is what brings me to this blog post. As a family, we took all four of our home educated children through the GCSE/IGCSE years and for over twenty years my wife and I have run NSWLearning. In addition, as a former headteacher, I have some understanding of the ‘system’ itself. Based upon our experience we thought it might be helpful to give some brief pointers about approaching the GCSE years, so in the next three posts, we are going to suggest eleven key things to remember as you make decisions about examinations.

Key things to remember – Points 1 – 3

Key things to remember – Points 4 – 6

Key things to remember – Points 7 – 11